Friday, January 23, 2015

Keystone Construction Workers

Tonight Joshua and Hannah decided they were going to be construction workers and wear their construction helmets. They were the most adorably bumbling construction workers ever.  First, they decided their construction project would be the Cozy Coupe.  Focusing their efforts on a perfectly good car that needed no enhancements was the first sign of their lack of construction acumen.  Then Joshua decided that pulling the car on top of him was an appropriate technique.  It wasn't.  Then he declared, "We gon' fix the car!  Hey, two guys are fixing the car!"  To accomplish this goal, he used a plastic hammer to hammer a plastic screw into a random location on the car.  I hope I didn't somehow pay to send him to a vocational school to learn this.  If so, I want my money back.  The foreman continued to lead his apprentice in various activities that did little to accomplish their goal, but did result in them having a lot of fun.  After seeing them in action, I've concluded that if I ever need construction work done on my house, I will hire an outside professional instead of utilizing our in-house resources.

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